Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How Much Would You Pay for Hangover Relief?

If you know me at all, you know that I am prone to hangovers. Yeah, I know -they're 100% self-inflicted, it's not like saying I'm prone to migraines or sinus infections. But there are some lucky people who have a great deal less trouble the day after a late night of imbibing the spirits. I am not one of those people. I fit into the other end of that spectrum; meaning I can often be hungover from just a few drinks with dinner. It's miserable. A smarter person might think "hey, just stop drinking". But until I am with child perhaps, I just don't see that being a viable option.

So anyway, like with the aforementioned pregnancy - the only tried and true path to prevention is abstinence. As I said - not an option - so I've been looking for alternative measures I can take. I can't tell you how many Google searches I've done for the prevention and treatment of hangovers, which mostly produces a bunch of common sense answers or weird old wives tails. Recently, one solution found me. How you say? Through the power of social media. Twitter to be exact. One more reason I prefer Twitter to Facebook. I was in conversation with a couple others about hangovers and was approached by the makers of Tibi Tonic.  From a marketing perspective - this is a genius way to engage with potential customers. Seriously, to all the product brands out there,take note! I responded to them and basically said "If your product is so good - prove it. Send me some. If it is - I'll tell the world."

So they did. It arrived in just a few days, and just in time for a weekend away!  And ironically, they sent just enough for two people for two nights out on the town. So very smart. Well here goes the account of the weekend. Is it a cure all? Did it completely prevent my hangover? No. But I don't believe there is a product out there that can. Hangovers are God's way of trying to encourage us to remember moderation. Imagine a world where no one ever got a hangover. As lovely as it sounds (selfishly), I have to admit that it would likely  be terrible for society as a whole.

The really good news is that it tastes good. I'd liken it to a sports/ juice drink. And if you don't agree, it's only three ounces. You can still manage to get it down. I also like that it's not something you have to take or drink while you're out - just once before you start drinking and once before bed. (unlike the last hangover product I blogged about)

Night # 1.  - Let me preface by saying that I broke a lot of my own hangover prevention rules on night one. I didn't eat enough - before or during - I didn't drink any water until I got home, and I mixed too many things. Ouch. I should have felt like death on Saturday.

Drank Tibi Tonic.
Shared a bottle of champagne. Cheers!
Drank a draft beer before dinner.
Shared a bottle of red wine with dinner.
Dinner was two shared appetizers, steak tartar & mussels, and some bread. (i.e. not enough!)
Drank two glasses of port after dinner.
Drank my second Tibi Tonic upon returning home, and drank 2 sips of a bottle of water. Weak effort!
Slept approximately eight hours.

The morning after. So upon waking I didn't feel that bad. I genuinely expected to be bed ridden for the day...which would have really sucked considering we were out of town with lots of things we wanted to see & do. I was able to get up and get ready and make it to breakfast by 9:30am. I was able to eat breakfast with no problems or aversions. (a huge plus in my book) I was then able to do an outdoor walking tour of a plantation, eat oysters for lunch and by 1:30pm I was having a cocktail on the roof of the Bohemian Hotel! Honestly, for me especially, that is nothing short of amazing. The most bothersome symptoms of a hangover for me are headache and nausea.  I had neither of those. I was tired, and did take a nap later that afternoon...but I doubt there is a tonic available for sleep deprivation.  Someone get on that, would ya? So all in all I give Tibi Tonic two major thumbs up for completely saving my Saturday! With a Friday night like that - I usually would have spent the following day in bed feeling absolutely miserable.


Drank Tibi Tonic.
Drank one vodka drink & one beer at dinner.
Ate a big dinner - appetizer, entree, dessert. (this helps, people!)
Had a glass of port after dinner.
Had a glass of champagne to end the night.
Drank the other Tibi Tonic.

Woke up feeling like a champ! Didn't have a single symptom of a hangover.

All in all, I would have to say IT WORKS. Again, it's not a cure- it's a preventative measure. And you're not going to wake up wanting to run laps or anything. But it does significantly reduce the main, most debilitating symptoms of a hangover.

So check them out - http://www.tibitonic.com/ I was not paid to write this...simply given the chance to try the product for free...which was very, very kind of them!


Wesley Donehue said...

Nice! I got mine in the mail and will be using for Pub Politics tomorrow.

April said...

I've had varying degrees of success with drinking pickle juice/eating pickles after a night out! Have you tried that one before?

Elizabeth Gunn Reardon said...

I have tried the pickles. I LOVE pickles so that's good :) it didn't work as a cure. I've never tried it for prevention. Wesley, what did you think about the Tibi?